Since 1991, Lucky 13 has celebrated the individual born with a rebellious spirit, and continues to challenge the mundane. Lucky 13 recognizes the disenfranchise, rule breakers, renegades, motorheads, vixens and those who live on the outskirts of town. The tatted and forgotten, the ones who make quiet history, we see you. the real one.

Anyone who has their own quintessential coming-of-age story that defines what it means to be part of a forgotten American--Step forward, rev your engines, scream at the top of your lungs. 

We've infused that "on the run" feeling into our aesthetics. That feeling hasn't stopped for more than three decades, and our tank is still full. 

Lucky 13 isn't just a brand that pays homage to vintage Americana Automobiles, bikes, art, music and aesthetics, it's fueling a lifestyle.

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To the good times!

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